Bethesda Prepares to Roll Out Awaited Nvidia DLSS Support for Starfield

In June, when Bethesda announced a collaboration with AMD for Starfield, it was met with negative responses from eager fans. It was quickly rumored that the partnership might mean that Starfield would not accommodate Nvidia's DLSS tech. For once, the internet speculation turned out to be true.

Quick to respond, modders swiftly introduced DLSS and frame generation to Starfield. Bethesda then assured that the official endorsement, the highly preferred type for such intricate technicalities, was being planned. Yet, they did not provide any specific timeline for it.

Today, Bethesda has finally revealed that the much-anticipated action would soon be initiated. According to the announcement, an update including "Nvidia DLSS support with frame generation, display, and HDR controls for supported systems" is scheduled to be tested in a beta version on Steam next week.

Assumedly, access to this build will be rolled out in the typical manner once the beta is released. Players will likely need to right-click on Starfield in their Steam library, select "properties," head to the "betas" tab, and opt for their preference from the "Beta Participation" dropdown menu. After selecting the build, an unidentified-sized update will need to be downloaded, giving players a chance to explore Bethesda's latest development and report any discovered glitches.

This announcement has incited enthusiasm among Starfield players and for a good reason. Around three-quarters of PC gamers use Nvidia cards. Hence, propagating vital technology to such a considerable fraction of gamers seemed like a perplexing choice, noting that AMD clarified before the release that Bethesda could incorporate DLSS support at their discretion. It appears that the proverb, "better late than never," is appropriate in this case. Bethesda also noted that the DLSS update is designed solely for Nvidia users, and an update to accommodate AMD's FSR3 technology is being planned.