Destiny 2: Into the Light Adds Raid Boss Gauntlet on April 30th

In the expanding universe of Destiny 2, the upcoming expansion, Into the Light, is set to bring a thrilling array of new content and updates, including a novel mode dubbed Pantheon, premiering on April 30th. This mode challenges players in a raid boss gauntlet, along with a weekly challenge that ups the ante with increasing levels of difficulty and corresponding rewards.
While fans eagerly await more detailed information in the near future, the developers have hinted in their most recent developer livestream that this mode will be a golden opportunity for players to complete their collections of elusive Exotics, Emblems, and Adept Weapons. The specifics of the gameplay and the roster of raid bosses remain under wraps for now.
Marking its debut on April 9th, Destiny 2: Into the Light promises an engaging experience with the introduction of the Horde Mode-inspired Onslaught, a collection of 12 BRAVE weapons inspired by previously released armaments that can all be acquired by April 30th, and a novel social hub known as the Hall of Champions. Additionally, players can look forward to a sneak peek at The Final Shape, with a preview scheduled to go live on the same day, ahead of its official release on June 4th.
With this treasure trove of content and challenges on the horizon, Destiny 2 players have plenty to look forward to as they prepare to dive into the light and face new adventures head-on.