Fortnite Age Restriction: V13.40 Update to be Unavailable for Players Under 18

Epic Games has announced a major update to its popular battle royale game Fortnite, which will make the v13.40 update of the game unavailable to players under the age of 18. This restriction will be effective starting January 30. The game has been removed from the iOS, macOS, and Google Play stores since August 2020, but those who had already downloaded it can still play the game on their devices.

Fortnite players will no longer be able to spend V-Bucks, the game’s in-app currency, starting January 30. This restriction comes in the wake of several reports of players under 18 using the game’s microtransaction system to purchase in-game items. Epic Games has stated that the age restriction is in place to ensure that children are not exposed to the game’s mature content.

The v13.40 update of Fortnite has been somewhat buggy since its release, and Epic Games is keen to make sure that players are not exposed to these issues. It is likely that the game will be updated in the near future to address these issues, but in the meantime, the age restriction will be in place.

Epic Games has also issued a statement regarding the age restriction, stating that the company “wants to ensure its players are given an age-appropriate experience within the game.” The statement also noted that Epic Games is currently working on creating “a more secure environment” for its users.

However, the age restriction may be a hindrance for players under the age of 18 who were looking forward to the game’s updates.

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