George Lucas Explains Star Wars Prequels Aimed at Kids Amidst Launch of New Series

George Lucas believes the criticism towards the Star Wars prequels stemmed from a reluctance to embrace films targeted at children. He has articulated his stance, emphasizing that the saga has always catered to a younger demographic.

Lucas expressed at Cannes, referenced by The Hollywood Reporter, that the franchise aims at 12-year-olds navigating puberty, bombarded with existential questions like what truly matters in life. According to him, the narrative of Star Wars deeply embeds these themes, resonating profoundly with its youthful audience.

He pointed out that the adverse reaction to the prequels was primarily from those who were around ten during their initial encounter with Star Wars and who were now dismissive of a film intended for children. Lucas also touched upon the divisive figure of Jar Jar Binks, comparing the feedback to past criticisms of C-3PO and the Ewoks, underscoring the series' longstanding identity as children-centric.

Looking ahead, Star Wars introduces The Acolyte, a Disney Plus exclusive launching on June 4. This murder mystery explores the High Republic era for the first time in a live-action format. Additionally, the lineup includes Skeleton Crew, an Amblin-inspired series featuring Jude Law, set in the Star Wars universe.

In anticipation of The Acolyte, a comprehensive guide to all forthcoming Star Wars films and television series is available, offering fans a glimpse into the expansive cosmos awaiting their exploration.