Stellar Blade Gameplay Showcases Subway Location, Juggernaut Boss Fight, and More

The anticipation for Stellar Blade's launch later this month has been growing, particularly after the release of its demo, and now, a fresh gameplay reveal continues to fuel the excitement around this action-adventure title.
IGN recently shared a 15-minute gameplay video of Stellar Blade, spotlighting two distinct environments within the game. Initially set in tight, subterranean sewers, the footage transitions to a more expansive subway network setting.
The game's protagonist, Eve, showcases her combat prowess against grotesque, tentacle-laden creatures, uncovers treasure chests, collects logs to piece together the story, and navigates through the game's rich environments. The highlight of the gameplay footage is a compelling confrontation with a massive adversary referred to as the Juggernaut.
Scheduled for release on April 26 exclusively for the PS5, Stellar Blade promises an optimal gaming experience with options for 4K resolution, 60 frames per second, and balanced graphics modes. The development team at Shift Up is also hinting at progress on their next project, building further anticipation among the gaming community.