Stellar Blade Will Have 3 Graphics Modes

In a revealing conversation with PLAY3.DE, the visionary minds behind Stellar Blade, specifically game director Hyung-Tae Kim and technical director Dong-Gi Lee from Shift Up, dive deep into the essence of what makes their game stand out. Throughout the interview, they spotlighted the strategic combat system, the intricately designed game world, and the visually stunning graphic modes.

Kim made it clear that the combat system of Stellar Blade requires both tactical thinking and adeptness in action, promising an enjoyable experience for action game aficionados across a spectrum of proficiency levels. To ensure that players of different skills can thrive, support features are woven into the gameplay, making the challenges surmountable yet rewarding.

Lee brought to light three distinct graphics modes designed to cater to varied preferences among gamers. First, there's a performance mode that guarantees fluid gameplay at 60 FPS, ensuring that players experience seamless action. Secondly, a resolution mode is included for those who prioritize visual splendor, offering gameplay in glorious 4K. The third mode is a balanced option, deftly mixing the benefits of the first two to provide both visual fidelity and gameplay fluidity.

Drawing creative inspiration from blockbuster titles like NieR: Automata, Bayonetta, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Kim discussed the ambition to create a combat experience that becomes richer as players progress. Learning to master the art of parrying, dodging, and utilizing a diverse set of skills will transform combat into an exhilarating dance of strategy and reflex.

Delving into the structure of Stellar Blade’s world, the creators shared their approach to blending linear storytelling with the exploration opportunities of a semi-open world. This design choice is intended to keep narratives in sharp focus while still offering the freedom inherent in open-world games.

The narrative thrust of Stellar Blade centers on Eve's journey to reclaim Earth, navigating through encounters with both survivors and adversaries. As the story unfolds, Eve evolves not only in power but emotionally, facing pivotal decisions that shape the game's direction.

Kim also highlighted the valuable support and technical guidance provided by PlayStation, expressing gratitude for a partnership that has significantly contributed to the development of Stellar Blade.

As the interview concluded, it was evident that Stellar Blade aims not just to entertain but to immerse players in a richly crafted world of strategic combat, compelling narratives, and stunning visuals.