Unveiling the Secret of Grassrooms in Inside the Backrooms: A Comprehensive Guide to the Escape Ending

Are you ready to unlock the Grassrooms in Inside the Backrooms? Follow this guide which will take you through the Escape Ending and lead you directly into the new Grassrooms level. Let's dive into the action!

Step 1: Navigate the Initial Levels

Before you unlock Grassrooms, you need to traverse through a series of levels which include the Backroom, Parking, Office, and Pool. Ensure that you stay vigilant as you are being pursued by various entities throughout these levels.

Step 2: Power Restoration in the Office

In the Office level, your first mission is to restore power. Look for the Fusebox in the vicinity of the computer room. Once you find it, utilize the fuses you previously collected to fix the Fusebox and restore power.

Step 3: Party Room Challenges

Next, head to the party room where you need to complete three challenges - popping balloons, hunting presents in a maze, and extinguishing candles in darkness. Be cautious of the red lines while performing these tasks. To initiate these challenges, don a party hat and press the button on the wall.

Step 4: Acquire the Red Keycard

Upon successful completion of the challenges, you will receive a red keycard. Use this keycard to access the door marked red. Proceed through this door to find a room containing a safe which you will need to unlock.

Step 5: Decipher the Code

Once you have the safe open, look around for computers on the floor. You will see various symbols and colors displayed on these machines. Note these down and then head to the primary PC. Here, you will need to input the code using the in-game keyboard. Remember, the order should match the sequence of the colorful sticky notes on the screen. If you're having trouble understanding the symbols, use the codex to decipher them.

Step 6: Deactivate the Fusebox

After inputting the code, return to the Fusebox and deactivate it. This is a mandatory step before you proceed to the Pool level.

Step 7: Navigate the Pool Level

Now, make your way through the blue door which leads to the Pool level. Be careful here as the entities residing in the water are attracted to movement. Find the red door in this level and proceed through it. Another door awaits you after this, which you also need to pass through.

Step 8: Find the Final Door

At the end of this level, a small maze awaits you. Your goal here is to locate the final door within this maze. Once you find and pass through this door, you will have successfully unlocked the Grassrooms level in Inside the Backrooms.

Braving these challenges requires strategy, courage, and a keen eye for detail. Remember, the key to survival in Inside the Backrooms is patience and careful navigation. Good luck on your journey to the Grassrooms!