The Ultimate Guide to Uncovering Heist Bags in Fortnite

Fortnite continues to keep players on their toes with its exciting gameplay features. Amidst the thrill of battle royale, the infamous Heist Bags are a treasure worth your attention. We break down the steps on how to find these treasure troves in Fortnite's Chapter 4 Season 4. Ready for a loot-filled adventure? Let’s dive in.

Understanding the Heist Bags

Chapter 4 Season 4 has a unique theme of heists, and Heist Bags are a jackpot of essential items largely centered around this theme. Introduced in the Last Resort season, Heist Bags primarily aim to assist players in infiltrating the three Thorne Strongholds on the map: the Relentless Retreat, Eclipse Estate, and Sanguine Suites.

Identifying the Heist Bag Locations

Identifying the Heist Bag Locations

Assuring you are well-equipped for a heist, Fortnite has placed these Heist Bags at key strategic locations. The primary strongholds each contain several Heist Bags, often found on couches and coffee tables within their luxurious mansions. Refine your treasure hunt, though, because The Getaway is another promising spot. Here, you will come across three Heist Bags at the barn in Frenzy Fields, where two Battle Pass characters, Nolan Chance and Antonia, are gearing up for their heist.

Section Point: The Getaway vs. Strongholds

Suppose you're more interested in a peaceful quest, trek to The Getaway instead of the strongholds. You'd be trading the exhilaration of the chaos-filled POIs for a safer space to complete your Nolan Chance questline in peace.

Unlocking Your Heist Bag

Unlocking Your Heist Bag

Now that you’ve found your Heist Bag, let’s uncover the loot! Inside, you'll find everything you need for a successful heist. This includes the Business Turret, the Rocket Ram, Remote Explosives, Crash Pads, as well as silenced weapons, ammo, and healing items. A real treasure chest indeed!

You’d be missing out if you overlooked a Heist Bag. They can hold the difference between successfully infiltrating a high-security stronghold or not.


The thrill of a well-planned heist culminates with the reward of legendary loot. And with Heist Bags, Fortnite ensures that its players enjoy this thrill to the fullest. So strap up, turn on your gaming console, and embark on your daring loot quest in Fortnite's exciting world of heists!